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Here are our Terms and Conditions for all our Bookings. 

Please make sure you had read these prior to paying the deposit. 

By paying your deposit, you are in agreement to the Terms and Conditions below.

A copy of these will have been sent with your booking.


−Accidental Damage: An unforeseen, unintentional event that caused not only physical damage to an item, but also something that resulted in a loss of function.

−Client: The Person/persons who the invoice is addressed to.

−Equipment: Items or products which are hired out by Blu Ice.

− Hire Period: Date and times of the agreed event.


1. Hire Agreement.

1.1 Blu Ice agrees to hire the equipment to the client for the duration of the Hire Period (unless this Agreement is terminated early in accordance with its terms).

1.2 This Agreement will be extended if, before the end of the Hire Period, Blu Ice and the client agree in writing the terms on which the hire of the Equipment is to be extended.

2. Installation and Delivery of equipment or services.

2.1 Blu Ice will deliver and install the equipment to the client at the location identified by the
client. The client will be expected to sign and acknowledge the safe receipt at the delivery/handover stage. Should the client not be available following installation, a nominated representative (e.g. Family member, best man, Venue/Event Manager, Coordinator or other trusted person) will be required to sign on your behalf. Any damages must be agreed and noted at the time of installation. equipment defects should be reported immediately to Blu Ice or to a member of our staff.

2.2 Blu Ice will require entry to the venue with a minimum of 1 hour prior to the start of the function for the Standard Wedding Package, 2 hours for Deluxe and Luxurious package and 3 hours for The Grand Package.

2.3 Blu Ice must be informed of any difficult entry, such as flights of stairs, difficulty parking, and required parking permits or any other relevant information, as this will have an impact on time taken to set up. On occasions, Blu Ice may be able to set-up some services the day prior to the event.

2.4 Blu Ice will supply all necessary amplification, and equipment to perform and will be completely self- contained apart from the electrical supply – The client must ensure that the necessary power supply is present and suitable and not cause any damage to the equipment of Blu Ice. 

2.5 The client must ensure that Blu Ice are in an area protected from water or rain. If the event is outside, the client must ensure adequate protections provided, failure to do so may result in termination of the contract and the event cancelled for safety reasons.


3. Clients Obligations & Responsibilities – White LED Dance Floor, White LED Backdrop, 4ft Letters and Venue Uplighting.

3.1 The client is responsible for obtaining all consents and authorisations needed to enable the client lawfully to use the equipment at the clients venue.

3.2 It is the clients responsibility to clarify with the venue when all music must stop and the premise left by clients, guests and Blu Ice. If this is before the stated finish time, then the finish time will be amended to ensure we comply with the venues requests. There will be no right to a partial refund due to a reduction in hours played.

3.3 The client will inform Blu Ice of any equipment hired that can be collected earlier than contracted. The client accepts that this will not result in a partial refund of unused hours.

3.4 The client will keep the equipment in good repair and condition (reasonable wear and tear excepted) throughout the Hire Period and will comply with all instructions for the use of the equipment, which are notified to the client by Blu Ice.

3.5 The client will keep the equipment safe and protected against adverse weather as well as against risk of loss or theft while at the clients venue.

3.6 The client will not use the equipment except for the purposes for which it is supplied and instructed for use by Blu Ice.

3.7 The client will not assign, sublet or part with possession of any of the equipment during the Hire Period.

3.8 The client is responsible for the safety and security at the venue and shall evict any persons causing nuisance to the DJ’s or Assistant or any other persons there. Failure to do so may result in the event ending prior to agreed time in view of the DJ’s safety. Blu Ice will not tolerate any offensive language, threatening behaviour, verbal or physical assault. Any such behaviour will terminate the contract, police will be requested and legal prosecution taken.

3.9 Dance Floor Location – The client must ensure the existing floor surface in which the dance floor is to be laid is flat, clean, and dry. Failure to comply may result in a delay with its installation or possible non-installation until the situation has been rectified. Blu Ice will not be held responsible for any installation failure or delay due to non-compliance.

3.10 Dance Floor Sizing – The client must ensure the quoted and confirmed dance floor size is capable of being installed in the event location. Blu Ice cannot be held responsible for any errors in sizing. If a smaller floor has to be installed Blu Ice are not liable to refund any difference.

3.11 Important Health and Safety Information – The client must request anyone dancing on the floor – guests, event staff, and visitors to refrain from drinking on or around any of our dance floors either via signage or public address/microphone from your band/DJ/singer/entertainer, if Blu Ice are not in attendance. Should any form of glass/glassware be dropped or broken onto our floors, it is essential the glass be removed and cleared away immediately to avoid any damage or injury. The use of bubble, snow, foam or any liquid/residue based special effect machines are prohibited on any of our dance floors. Blu Ice cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused due to misuse.

3.12 The client is responsible for the hire items during the hire period. Once items are set up they are not to be moved by any persons other than those acting for Blu Ice for the duration of the hire period, unless previously agreed with Blu Ice. Your hired products will be set up and left in a safe and stable condition, please ensure that they are not knocked, pushed or climbed on to avoid damage or injury. Blu Ice will not be held responsible for accidents that may occur due to misuse of the products during your hire period.

3.13 The client accepts that any neglect, miss-use, malicious or deliberate damage will result in an £100 per letter/item charge being invoiced post event. Such damage is excluded from the Damage protection waiver, if purchased.

3.14 It is the responsibility of the client to ensure such damage does not occur whilst under their supervision. If any damage does occur, it is for the client to provide any evidence that such damage was caused under accidental circumstances.

3.15 Blu Ice will notify you on the night, if possible or at the earliest opportunity, of any damage sustained to any of the products you have hired. If there are any disagreements over any damage caused. Blu Ice will refer you back to the documentation which was signed by yourself or the nominated person which details the condition of the products on installation.

3.16 Should any damages occur while our products are under your care then we will notify you of said damage in writing, with photographic evidence and an itemised bill. We will then raise a separate invoice for this amount 7 days after contacting you to inform you of the damage.

3.17 Blu Ice will not be held liable for any damage caused to property / person whilst they are under the clients care.

3.18 The client will indemnify Blu Ice for loss of or damage to the equipment occurring during the Hire Period, unless what has been agreed as per the Damage Protection Waiver. The client will also indemnify Blu Ice against any claims, damages, expenses, and proceedings arising in respect of personal injury or death of any person or damage to any property, which arises out of the use of the equipment during the Hire Period. These indemnities will extend to any loss which is covered by Blu Ice insurance, referred to in this agreement.

4. Blu Ice’s Obligations & Responsibilities.

4.1 Blu Ice will maintain insurance of the equipment against fire, lightning, explosion and other similar risks during the Hire Period. The terms of Blu Ice policy will be made available to the client upon request and the client will be deemed to have knowledge of those terms. Blu Ice will be able to show valid certification of PAT testing and Public Liability when requested.

4.2 If the equipment is damaged or breaks down during the Hire Period through no fault of the client, Blu Ice will endeavour to repair or, at its option, may replace the equipment with suitable alternative equipment. However, Blu Ice will only replace the equipment if it has alternative equipment available.

4.3 Blu Ice will collect the equipment hired at the contracted time, usually on the night of hire.

4.4 Blu Ice will ensure music is played from the stated started time, till the time stated on the invoice. Occasionally Blu Ice may not be completely set-up prior to the agreed start time, usually this is due to circumstances outside our control, such as unable to gain entry to the venue or wedding lunches/ speeches over-running. Blu Ice will not be held accountable in these circumstances and the contracted finish time will not be increased to compensate this. Blu Ice will always ensure they arrive with adequate time to set-up, in order to start at the time contracted.

4.5 Blu Ice cannot be held responsible for any adverse weather conditions, or traffic congestion which prevents them getting to the venue. Blu Ice will be in contact with the customer at all times to inform of any problems and will endeavour to keep to the arrangements.

4.6 Blu Ice reserves the right to change their prices at any time. We will honour your original quotation for 7 days. All quotations are informative rather than legal offers.

5. Payment, Cancellation or Termination of the Contract.

5.1 The deposit, stated on the invoice, is to be paid by the due date stated on the Booking Invoice, to secure the booking. This Fee Is Non-Refundable. Payment can be made by BACS to Blu Ice with the details stated on your Invoice.

5.2 Any additional hours on the night, will be charged at £100 per hour. Payment needs to be made prior to the commencing hours. If no payments made, then Blu Ice will finish at the agreed time.

5.3 The client will be able to make any changes to the contract within the initial 14 days of booking. After this duration changes may not be possible.

5.4 The booking is not confirmed until the Deposit is paid in full. Failure to pay the deposit within 7 days increases the chance of the booking date becoming unavailable.

5.5 By paying the deposit, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions stated, and confirm the details on the Invoice are correct, at which time it shall become legally binding by both parties.

5.6 The final balance must be paid 1 calendar month prior to the event. Cash can be paid at the start of the event but with prior agreement between both parties.

5.7 The prices of the packages Blu Ice offers will not be discounted for shorter hire durations, however, longer hire durations may increase the price of the service but will be made clear when booking.

5.8 In the event of a cancelled booking, a cancellation charge will be levied by Blu Ice: 90 days prior to the function date – None of the remaining balance. 90 – 61 days prior to the function date – 50% of the remaining balance. 60 – 31 days prior to the function date – 75% of the remaining balance. Less Than 30 days prior to the function date – 100% of the remaining balance. This applies to all services that Blu Ice has to offer.

5.9 In event that the event needs to be cancel due to adverse weather, life-threatening emergency or family bereavement, Blu Ice will not charge the final payment or will refund the final payment if already paid.

5.10 In the event of an “Act of God” or other unforeseeable event, such as a pandemic, Blu Ice will endeavour to re-arrange the booking. If this is not possible as there is no availability, then the client will have any monies paid refunded. If a client chooses to re-arrange for an alternative date, this will be done once for no additional fee. If the client then decides to change dates or required to change dates again due to events listed above, after the new booking confirmation have been agreed and sent, another deposit will be required to secure the booking.

5.11 Cancellation of the event due to a breakdown in relationship, postponing the event, poor ticket sales or any other reason than that as listed in section 5.9, will result in cancellation charges as listed in section 5.8.

5.12 The contract may be terminated if the client breaches the terms and conditions stipulated.

5.13 Any Competition prizes are only valid for 12 months, from the date of being notified. Any events past this point are at the discretion of Blu Ice. If the event has to be cancelled, or postponed, the prize will no longer be valid. Any continuation of the service will require payment.

6. Damage Protection Waiver.

6.1 The client, to protect against any accidental damage, can purchase the Damage protection waiver.

6.2 The Damage protection waiver will cover any minor marks or knocks that the hired items or products sustain, any minor damage that may occur if a person trips and knocks over the hired items. Any unforeseeable accidental spillage of drinks that may occur unintentionally.

6.3 Any damage must be reported to Blu Ice immediately with no exceptions.

6.4 The client must be truthful about any damage that occurs. In the event that any damaged caused does not correspond to the events leading up to the damage occurring, then Blu Ice will charge £100 per letter/ item as a minimum in order to rectify the damage.

6.5 It is the clients responsibility to ensure all hired items are carefully looked after. Any damage caused by a result of the following, will not be considered accidental: Guests, family members, staff or other persons in attendance leaning on and causing the items to fall resulting in damage or breaking due to the load of weight applied. Where reasonable care has not been carried out and resulted in damage. Children or young person running/playing in or around the hire items, resulting in items falling or becoming damaged. Damage caused by drinks left or placed on the hired items and as a result falling and damaging the item. Any damage caused by any person considered intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, due to foolish and careless behaviour, spilling of drinks, lack of coordination and space awareness.

7. Unsatisfactory Service and Copyright Materials.

7.1 If you feel the service received was not to a high level that Blu Ice had promised and to your dissatisfaction, the client will make all attempts to contact Blu Ice prior to leaving any negative feedback. It is the client’s responsibility to inform Blu Ice, at the earliest opportunity, of any concerns or dissatisfaction in order for Blu Ice to rectify these, this includes on the night of the event when any such issues arise.

7.2 It will be at the discretion of Blu Ice if any partial refunds are to be made, in a gesture of goodwill. This does not mean the client will automatically receive such refund.

8. Copyright Materials.

8.1 Unless stated otherwise, the clients agrees to photos taken by Blu Ice being used on social media, photo galleries and used for the promotion of Blu Ice. However, no personal data shall be written in the caption of the photo tag. The client has the right to withdraw from this prior to the event, or after. If the event has already happened, Blu Ice will remove the picture within 14 working days.

8.2 Any photos taken by Blu Ice will remain copyright of Blu Ice. No further distribution of images shall be permitted unless prior consent given by Blu Ice. Blu Ice does not permit other companies to use any images taken by Blu Ice for any promotional or advertising campaigns or literature without prior consent.

9Governing Law and Disputes.

This agreement is governed by English law and any dispute will be resolved by the English courts.


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