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Why Hire our Audio Guest Book.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with love, joy, and the gathering of your closest family and friends. Hiring our telephone box audio guest book for your wedding will add an element of uniqueness and charm that will make your celebration truly unforgettable.


The telephone box audio guest book offers a perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and modern technology. Its classic design will captivate your guests, evoking a sense of nostalgia and intrigue.

As they step inside the booth, they will be transported back in time while enjoying the convenience of cutting-edge audio recording capabilities.

With our guest book, your loved ones can leave heartfelt messages, well wishes, and personal anecdotes. It becomes a treasure trove of memories, capturing the voices and emotions of those who mean the most to you. These recorded messages will serve as a time capsule, allowing you to relive the magic of your wedding day for years to come.

The telephone box audio guest book also acts as an interactive and engaging element during your reception. It becomes a focal point, sparking conversations and encouraging guests to connect with one another. It adds a delightful touch of entertainment and provides a unique activity that both young and old can enjoy.

  • Unforgettable Memories

    Use our innovative audio guestbook to record personalised voice messages during your event. These messages will serve as unforgettable keepsakes and make a lasting impressions. Share gratitude, favorite moments, or messages to loved ones easily with our user-friendly interface. Your memories will be one-of-a-kind with this unique and exciting feature.

  • Ease and Simplicity

    The hassle-free way to capture and relive special occasion moments. Simple and user-friendly, guests lift the handset to record heartfelt messages and wishes directly from the phone. No downloads, technical hitches or extra steps required! The Guestbook allows everyone to be part of the special occasion in a unique and timeless way.

  • Personalisation Options

    Customise your audio guest book with Blu Ice to reflect your style and theme. Add personalised greetings, event details, and background music to enhance the ambience.

  • Convenience and Accessibility

    Whether your event is held in a Barn, Hall or Marquee, Blu Ice can accommodate all scenarios seamlessly. Your guests can record their messages anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for everyone to participate, even those unable to attend in person.

  • Shareable and Interactive

    One of the great advantages of using recorded messages is the ability for the host and all the guests to replay and relive the cherished moments of their joyous event. This is because with recorded messages, no detail or memory will ever be missed. From the laughs, to the tears of joy, to the heartfelt speeches and sentiments, everything is captured and can be easily shared with everyone who attended the event. With the playback of recorded messages, attendees can relive memorable events and stories shared only at that particular event.

  • Professional Support

    At Blu Ice, we understand that planning an event can be daunting. That's why we offer comprehensive support, from setting up equipment to ensuring everything runs smoothly, so that you can enjoy a convenient and stress-free experience. In addition, we offer our popular Audio Guestbook service, which allows you to capture the essence of your event in a unique and creative way. Our professional equipment and expertise guarantee that every message is recorded clearly and beautifully, leaving you with a wonderful memory to treasure forever.

Crystal Clear Audio

Using our audio book feature, every message left by your wedding guests and loved ones will be captured in crystal-clear audio, preserving every heartfelt word and emotion for years to come. Your guests can simply leave a message with their voice, and you can listen to their touching words whenever you want. With this unique feature, you can relive your special day over and over again, and cherish every message left by your loved ones forever. Allow your guests to express themselves in the most authentic way possible and give yourself a treasured keepsake that you will truly appreciate for years to come. Use our audio book feature today and capture the magic of your wedding in a whole new way!

Unlimited Recordings

With regards to the recordings, we understand that our guests would love to capture precious moments and memories that they can revisit in the future. Therefore, we have made it possible for them to make as many recordings as they desire without having to worry about any limits. Whether it’s recording a heartfelt message of love or congratulations to a dear friend, or capturing the tears of joy from someone who is overwhelmed with emotions on your special day, our guests can rest assured that they have the freedom to create as many recordings as they wish. It brings us joy to see our guests happy and satisfied, and we hope that this gesture contributes to making their stay an unforgettable one.

Digital Downloads

By utilizing our state-of-the-art digital recording technology, we are able to capture and retain all of your audio recordings with exceptional clarity and superior quality.

Every moment is saved onto a reliable, high-performance USB drive, which is not only a convenient storage solution, but also an opportunity to revisit precious memories and relive those special moments with the people you care about most. Imagine the joy that comes with sharing your recordings with loved ones, allowing them to experience those cherished times alongside you.

Trust us to provide you with the perfect audio recording solution, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

What You need to Know...

Your guests approach the telephone box, pick up the telephone receiver and an enchanting voice welcomes them to record their own message, sing you a song or even share some words of wisdom.

Once they are finished, they simply hang up the phone and repeat the process again and again.

The best part….. All of the recordings will be saved and compiled into a wonderful keepsake that you will cherish forever.

So, relive the happy memories of your special day with the incredible recording guestbook. It’s not just a guestbook, but an experience that will touch your heart and soul with moments that will live on forever.

Our system offers an easy and intuitive way to customize greeting messages. You can use any audio format, including recordings made on your phone through popular apps like WhatsApp. Create a greeting that truly represents you or your business without any technical expertise or prior experience.”


The Audio Guestbook is designed to work as a wireless standalone feature. It has a fully integrated battery, which is fully charged prior to the hire.

None whatsoever…..The more the better!

Why not even sing, tell a joke, or share a favourite memory.

You will receive the audio guest book the morning of the wedding.

One of our team will arrive to your venue and set up the phone box while your getting glammed up, make up finished, ties straightened and finishing those last touches ready for your day.

Let your venue coordinator know where you would like it positioned in advance.

For your security and convenience, we require a refundable security deposit of £250. The deposit will be refunded within 3-5 working days once The Audio Guestbook has been returned safely. We reserve the right to charge for loss, theft, or damage but normal wear and tear will not be charged for. 

Your files will be ready in 3-5 working days.

Your files will be available via a link included in the hire price.

Opt to have them saved onto a keepsake USB stick for an additional fee.


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