The most common asked questions

Booking Questions

We are happy to travel to any venue, to help fulfil your requirements.

We mainly serve Essex and Suffolk, but have been to Norfolk, Kent and even Buckinghamshire.

Whilst our prices may be higher, than those in other countries, due to travel costs, we aim to provide an excellent service.

We can work within your requirements, if a venue is smaller than our usual set allows, then we would condense our set.

We will always carry out a site visit prior to any event. This way we know what space we have to work.


Our Modern White and Rustic Set, will be suitable for the majority of the venues we attend.

Yes, we have done many events in marquees.

All we require is a double socket near to where we are required to set up, stable hard flooring, and that we are fully sheltered from any bad weather.

Our set that we use may differ to what we would normally use inside. This is due to ensuring the safety of you and your guests,  and stability of our equipment. 

Of course! We would happily arrange to meet with our clients.

We believe it’s important to meet with us prior to your event. Sometimes schedules of our clients, and ourselves, can be quite tight, in these circumstances we offer a telephone consultation, or Zoom call prior to booking.

This way we can go over the finer details and answer any questions you may have.

Were always more than happy to discuss details over a coffee, we have a few favourite local places to meet, for great coffee and homemade cakes.

When you proceed to book with us, we meet our clients at least 1 month prior to their event to confirm the final details.

After your initial enquiry we will check our availability and aim to respond within 24 hours.

We will contact you by email to clarify details of your event and give you a personalised quote. When you ready to proceed, we will send you your Booking Confirmation, which we ask you to check and contact us if any amendments need to be made.

A deposits required to secure your booking. The deposit amount will be detailed on your Booking Confirmation, and will be based on what services you have opted for. 

Payment details are also detailed within the Booking Confirmation.

Whilst you can add services on at a later date, we do advise that you include these on your initial booking.

Some services, such as our Magic Mirror or Dance Floor, do get hired separately. If you don’t wish to be disappointed, your best to add these at the point of booking, as we cannot guarantee they will be available for hire.


Dry Hire is when you Hire our services, but weren’t not providing the music entertainment for you day.

Some services that you Dry Hire, will be installed buy us, normally in the morning, and then collected either the same night or following day.

Of Course!

We always ask you too check with your venue first. It may mean thar your venue has to apply for a late licence, or that they may not permit later finishing times.

We always ask any extensions to be paid for in advance, any requests to extend on the night of your function, would require cash payment prior to commencing.

If it is something you are considering in the lead up to the function, it may be worth setting money aside in an envelope in preparation.

Please also be aware that any extension requests on the night  may be declined, and is at the discretion of the DJ or Operator.

The deposit varies depending on the package you decided to choose.

The minimum deposit we required to secure your booking will be a minimum of £100.

Some services required a 50% deposit, due to the demand for these services, such as the Magic Mirror or White LED Dance Floor. 

Any bookings made within 2 months of the event date, will require full payment.

All deposits are non-refundable.

Within our Booking Confirmation, we ask you to read the Terms and Conditions attached.

By paying the deposit, you agree to our terms and conditions and happy to proceed with your booking.

Our Booking confirmation also states, that paying the deposit you agree to the booking terms.

Your final payment is usually due a minimum of 4 weeks, or 1 calander month, prior to the event.

You can pay in installments if you prefer, but the outstanding balance must be paid by the date on the booking confirmation.

Josh has a City and Guilds Qualification in Appliance Testing, and all our equipment is test on an annual basis.

We test our own equipment to high standards to ensure a high level of safety and a certificate can be obtained if requested.

We also have Public Liability Insurance of £5 Million and Employers Liability of £5 Million.

Our insurance certificates, Appliance testing reports, can also be obtained if requested. We will normally liaise with your venue prior to your event, and will ensure they have copies if  required.

We are committed to providing an outstanding, professional service. With our extensive experience in the industry, our prices are competitive to those of other leading DJ’s.

We are aware there are Cheaper DJ’s and services out there, but our commitments and service to our clients are worth the price we quote.

Our prices are a fair representative of our high standards, experience and outstanding service we aim to deliver. We always aim to exceed your expectations, and very flexible in our approach.

Unlike other companies, you get two DJs when we are providing music entertainment, and aim to provide a highly professional service.

This means we can cover each other if we need to get a drink, or eat a sneaky sandwich.

We do not require any supplier food, as we know this can come at a cost, but if you do insist, then we would be extremely grateful of your offer.

This is a question we get asked many times.

we understand your concerns, many couple’s, and clients, had to cancel or re-arrange thier wedding or function, as a result of the current pandemic.

We were able to rebook most couples, all at no extra cost. Couples or events that had to cancel, or we were unable to re-arrange due to being booked already, recieved a full refund within 28 days of cancellation.

We have no plans to change how we operate, or treat our client’s. So should there be another pandemic, well the same would still apply.

You certainly can.

Our 4Ft Letters, Dance floor, Magic Mirror and Walking on clouds effect and even our venue lighting, can all be hired as ‘Dry Hire’.

The dreaded sound limiter!

Yes, we have worked at many venues with sound limiters. Unfortuantly, this is a requirement for venues, if they are close to residential properties.

The sound limiter is a traffic light based monitor, Green is good, Red is bad! If we stay on the red for too long, normally over 5 seconds, then it cuts off the power to the DJ set.

Sound limiters do not differentiate between the DJ music , and your guests having a great time, which can be tricky to manage.

With most tracks having different volumes, you will see us constantly adjusting the volume to stay beneath the red 

Sometimes it may seem like the music seems quiet, this is likely to be out of our control, we usually play close to the red, so would be unable to turn the volume up any further.

We love to collaborate with other musicians.

Both Dan and myself, used to play the drums, so playing as part of a team comes naturally.

We have played with a range of different musicians over the years, from soloists, to bands.

On The Night

We are always happy to work from playlists. We work on the basis that each song is 3 minutes long, 20 in an hour, 100 songs overall. That way we are likely to play the songs you really want.

We do advise to keep your guests in mind. We want them to have a fantastic night, and talk about your wedding for months after.

We like to have your requests prior to us meeting before the wedding. That way we can discuss your playlist.

This is very much depending on your venue location, and type of package or service you hire.

For our DJ packages, if you are local to Colchester, we are always happy to set up the morning of your wedding, then return later that evening.

For services such as the Dance floor, this can be a labour intensive task, so we always like to make sure we have plenty of time. This means we would normally set up several hours prior, in the morning.

Our set up times can vary depending on which package you choose. Our Standard package can be set up within an hour, whereas The Grande Package will take longer due to the Dance floor and other services within the package.

Our Dance floor takes an average of 45 minutes to set up. This can vary depending on the access to where the floor needs to be installed.

If we haven’t been to your venue before, we will visit prior to your day. This is so we have an idea of how long it may take to set up and access points.


Of course!

It is your night and we aim to deliver a party to remember.

Song requests give us an idea of what music that you, and your guests, like and can tailor the night to suit.

We welcome any requests that you make in advance, and make sure we have these tracks, or source them, all at no additional cost.

We also take requests on the night, and aim to play them where they will go down a treat.

We are very much guided by the guests at your event and aim to play music to suit all ages.

We have a vast collection from 60s – Modern chart music, Garage, Dance, Rock and Reggae, just a few of the genres that we have in our extensive music library.

If we feel that a certain genre isn’t working, then we will change and play something different.

We aim to deliver a professional smart appearance, which is why we have a “smart casual” uniform policy.

We wear a black polo shirt with our names clearly displayed and black trousers. This allows our DJs to work comfortably during your event.

Our aim is to blend into the event, however if you require us to wear a more formal dress code, we can certainly accommodate this.

Our DJs are more than happy for you to speak to them about any concerns you have.

It’s your event and we want to make sure it’s how you pictured it. We want you and your guests to have an enjoyable, fun night!

We are more than happy to adjust the music volume, if you feel it’s too loud, and welcome and changes, or adjustments, that you wish to make.

We are different to other companies. We always have two DJs at an event, as we believe two heads are better than one.

This allows our DJs to brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other, and to keep the flow of the party going.

If for any reason one of our DJs is ill then the show can still go on.

Venue Related Questions

We have been lucky enough to play at a huge number of venues during our time in the industry. However, there are still a few places we haven’t had the pleasure to attend.

If we haven’t been to your venue before, don’t worry. We will be in touch with the venue long before your event to arrange a site visit, to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

After you book with us we normally get in touch with your venue.

This is to arrange a site visit, if its somewhere we haven’t been before, and to ask if they require any documentation from us.

If they wish to access these themselves, the can by clicking below.


Appliance Testing Documentation.

Insurance Documents.

Yes, thats fine.

Lots of venues have professional installed systems that create a more intense sound on the dancefloor, leaving those that would prefer to chat with a little less volume.

We would speak to the venue prior to the day, to ensure we have the correct cables to connect to their system. We would also check these during our site visit.

Lots of venues are hesitant with confetti cannons, but we understand why.

We will always contact your venue prior to your event, to discuss the use of the cannon.

We explain the types of cannons we use, and always promise to clear away any mess at the end of the night. 

Majority of the time, most venues will allow the use of the cannon, however, there are a small amount that don’t.

In the event that you paid extra for the cannon, we would refund you the cost.

Dance Floor

The Dance floor is usually hire for the whole event.

We will lay the floor earlier during the day, and give it a final buff to make sure it sparkles.

We would normally return the following day, to clean prior to dismantling.

We may return the same night to dismantle the dance floor if it is required for another hire the following day. We will know this prior to your event, and will arrive after your event finishes to collect. 

We are able to lay underfloor protection for any surface.

Some venues have wooden flooring that they wish to prevent for deep scratches. We can lay 3mm thick rubber matting for the whole area of the dance floor. This not only protects the surface beneath, but also helps to stop the dance floor from moving.

We can cater for up to a 16 x 16 Ft Dance Floor.

Our most popular size is 12 x 12, but in some venues this can look slightly out of place, especially if its a bigger room.

A 16 x 16 Ft dance floor can hold over 250 people. Sufficient for most events.


If your venue happens to be more rectangular, we can modify the dance floor to suit the room.

Just tell us where the dance floor needs to be installed, and we can take care of the rest.

No, not at all.

We often hire out our Dance Floor as a dry hire service.


The dance floor is an electrical circuit, and the panels are powered by spring loaded copper contacts, on the side of each panel. If liquid is spilt, it can blow the fuses, and can continue to blow the fuse until the spillage has been found.

If there’s an issue with the dance floor from a drink being spilt, the dance floor would need to be dismantled and the contacts cleaned. It may even result in the floor being out of use for the rest of the night.


We don’t issue any fines for drinks being spilt on the dance floor.

We understand that you are not going to spend the night pointing this out to your guests, but please ensure your DJ is aware to make announcements if needed.

We can easily tell if a drink has been spilt, causing the dance floor to stop working. If this is the case, we will not dismantle the floor to perform the necessary cleaning.

If there happens to be any damage to the dance floor as a result, then you would be held liable for any repair costs.

We are also not held liable for any injuries sustained due to slipping or falling, as a result of a spilt drink or broken glass on the dance floor.


Ideally, yes.

On uneven ground, the contacts can become misaligned, breaking the electrical circuit. This means the dance floor will not work.

If you are having the dance floor in a marquee, please inform the hire company, that way they can ensure there is adequate matting for the dance floor to lay on.

We require at least 1 socket to plug into to power the floor. Ideally within 2 meters of the dance floor.

If there is a double socket nearby, that’s perfect.

We aim to have any power leads away from guests as much as possible. 

We can’t always guarantee that this will be the case, but we take safety of your guest extremely seriously.

Any cables that are likely to cause any hazards, are secured with a rubber cable tidy, reducing any risk if tripping. Sometimes we may also use heavy duty tape.


Unfortunately not.

It would look fantastic to dance under the stars, but if the weather were to change, it could cause a range of problems.

As the night cools in the summer months, there comes a build up of condensation or mildew. This can short circuit the dance floor and result in failure of the dance floor.

Our Dance floor is a single colour floor, a ice white colour.

We are able to do some simple effects, from slowly twinkling, fully lit, to a rain effect.

We usually use the rain effect as we find it the best pattern for most occasions.

Magic Mirror

Our Mirror takes about 30 minutes to set up, from position the mirror, to laying out the props.

We will normally arrive with plenty of time to spare. This is so we can make sure everything is as it should be.

We have a huge range of props for your guest to choose from!

From wedding placards to wigs and inflatables, your guests will have plenty of variety to make those memorable pictures.

We can also offer a custom placard, which is yours to keep at the end of the night.

Our mirror hire comes with an operative who is there from the point of set-up, until the mirror is packed away.

We always make sure we bring additional paper and toner to all our events. If we do run out, it means we can quickly return the printer back to operation.

A paperjam only takes a few minutes to solve. A quick trim of the paper, refeed and were back in business.

Any prints that failed to print, will be waiting to print when its back online.

We don’t charge for accidental damage to any of our props. We understand things can get dropped in the moment of madness.

If we see guest deliberately mis-using the props, or attempting to steal them, then it may result in a charge.

We want all our clients to have a great experience with our mirror, which is why we offer such a large variety of props to use.

Our Terms and Conditions explain detail any refunds, however, deposits are normally non-refundable.

If there happens to be another pandemic, then we would look to move your booking free of charge.

If we are unable to accommodate your new date, your deposit would be returned.

All our mirror hires include a free photo album.

If you would prefer to supply your own, your more than welcome.

We ideally would like your template choice at least 8 weeks prior to your event.

This is so we can get the template created, and make sure you are happy with it.

It then gives us time to make any adjustments if needed.

Similar to the template you choose, we would need to know the style of your Rustic album. This is so we can get it created in time for your event.

We don’t rely on venues for WiFi, to use our Mirror.

We carry our own portable WiFi hotspot, which runs on a 4G Sim card. 

Our WiFi hotspot allows a QR code to be generate, for guest to receive a digital copy of their picture.

As long as the 4G signal is reliable, there shouldn’t be any issues.

If there is poor mobile connectivity, we can take your guests email address and they receive their picture when the signal improves.

4Ft Letters

Our letters take no more than 30 minutes to set up.

The longest part of the set up is getting them inside the venue, from there, its connecting a few cables and there ready.

No, our letters must stay inside.

All letters are 4Ft tall, making them the perfect height for photos.

They are 200mm deep and between 2-4ft wide depending on the letter.

Our letters cannot be moved, unless by us.

This is not only a safety aspect, but also prevents any accidental damage.

If the letters are moved from the set up location, it may result in an additional charge.

Our letters are made from MDF, Kiln Dried wood, and electrical components.

Not to forget, our hard work and eye for detail.

All our 4Ft letters are white in colour.

The bulbs are a Cool white colour.

We can swap out the current bulbs, for a more filament looking bulb, but this would incur an additional charge.

Unlike the majority of letters out there, ours are powered by main power.

This means, we only need 1 socket and the lights can connect to each other, with the wires hidden behind.

This means there’s no chance of the batteries running out, or having faulty batteries.

Lots of our services can be hired alone, including our Letters.

All our equipment is insured. 

It doesn’t matter if we are in attendance or not, our insurance policy covers dry hire of all our services.

With any electrical appliances we still have to be cautious around children.

Our lights are fitted with LED bulbs, so theres no change of being burnt if a child touches the bulb.

The back of the letters also have a cover, protecting any wandering fingers from an electric shock.

All power wires are located behind the lights, away from little ones.

We do ask for drinks not to be left on top of the letters, incase of any spillages.

As with any electrical items, water isn’t their best friend, as it can cause fuses and bulbs to blow and result in damaged equipment.

Please make your venue aware, so they can alert bar staff to collect these promptly, when collecting glasses.

Dry Ice Machine Hire - Walking On The Clouds

Yes, but we would need to have an operator in attendance.

This is due to safety of handling the dry ice, that goes into the machine.

We find that the main use of the dry ice machine, is purely for the first dance. After this the unit can then be packed down, and the operator can leave.

If you plan on using the Dry Ice machine  for additional uses, we would need to know in advance.

The dry ice machine, is a simple piece of equipment to set up, no more than 10 minutes.

Preparation time is needed to allow the smoke to formulate along the floor. This can be dependant on your venue.

Usually a 15 minute warning, prior to the first dance, is sufficient.

The dry ice machine is powered via a powercon connector.

This is a common connector type in our industry, but will mean a power socket will be required.

Only our staff are trained in how to use and handle dry ice.

Therefore, we cannot let any other persons use the machine.

There are lots of factors, which are dependant on how long the effect lasts.

Usually at least 15 minutes, but room temperature and open doors, can all have an impact.

All our equipment is insured. 

Our Dry ice machine is never operated by an unauthorised person, so your in safe hands,

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide.

We receive dry ice in pellet form, it then gets mixed with warm water to create the effect.

This means it’s perfectly safe around children.

We would need to know how many times you would want to use the effect.

There may be a change in price, due to ensuring sufficient amount of dry ice pellets.

The pellets only last a certain amount of time when not in optimum storing conditions.

Unfortunately yes they can.

We would work with your venue prior to you day.

Some venues have the ability to turn off certain fire alarm zones, this would mean that we could use the effect for the first dance only, then re-alarm that fire zone.

This is something we would certainly need to discuss with your venue, prior to the day.


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