Special Effects

Lets create that wow effect

Looking to make your night extra special?

Did you always dream of creating an entrance to stun your guest and create that wow factor?

If you always dreamed of having that special first dance, that really has a big impact then we can help.

We have a range of special Fx confetti cannons packed with power, impressive range and  bold colours. This service comes at an affordable cost, but we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Theses impressive special Fx cannons are not sold to the general public, so do not mistake them for your normal confetti poppers.

The special Fx cannons we use are powered by compressed gas and safe to be used indoors.

We have a range of confetti that we use, but have two main categories; Metallic foil or paper. The paper variety is fully bio degradable and does not harm the environment.

Our metallic version also comes in a range of colours, all of which are fire resistant!

We believe that the best option to go for is either plain white paper, or if you really looking for the extra sparkle a sliver and white metallic foil.

As we pride ourselves on our professionalism, high quality services, friendliness and eye for perfection, we always fully liaise with the venue prior.

We always ensure we clear away any residual confetti at the end of the night to reduce any impact on the venue.

Want to Dance on the Clouds?

Our dancing on the clouds effect makes it look as if your dancing on the clouds.

With the use of a dry ice machine, low lying fog machine, and some heated water. We can help to create this breathtaking moment.

Dry ice, frozen CO2, can only be stored for a specific amount of time, so we make sure we have it delivered the morning of your event, by a specialised company. Due to the extreme cold temperatures, only our staff will be allowed to handle the dry ice and operate the equipment.

As soon as your preparing to cut the cake, we start forming those clouds to dance on, ready for your all important first dance.

The swift movement of your dress as you move across the dance floor, helps to stir the clouds and make them swirl.  

Add in a confetti cannon and you will have some mind blowing first dance pictures.

Our Dancing on the clouds effect, is designed to be used solely for a first dance, or as a one off effect.

It is possible to use the effect multiple times, but would require correct planning and guidance, which we can gladly inform you about.

Low Lying fog can trigger smoke alarms!

We will work closely with your venue to determine if the use is permitted.


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